Friday, April 29, 2011

Mortgage Rate head down as we go into May

30 Yr FRM
15 Yr FRM
FHA 30 Year
Jumbo 30 Year
5/1 Yr ARM
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MayFest Sunday 5/15

Come see Wildlife (original rock) perform at Maplewood's MayFest on Sunday, May 15. For more information visit www.SpringfieldAvenue.com.

One SIte Give Insight to States Property Taxes,

Christie Launches Website Detailing Property Tax Records and Other Vital Public Information

In an effort to increase government transparency, Governor Chris Christie recently launched a website that provides the public with data that makes it easier to understand New Jersey’s public finances. Included on this website, www.YourMoney.NJ.Gov, is an interactive map that displays the Garden States’ 3.1 million property tax assessment records. With the new property tax feature, REALTORS® and consumers can check individual records in their town or community, jump from record to record and compare assessments and taxes from one town to another. Records detail the address, block and lot number, property class, owner name, value of land and buildings, and the prior year’s taxes. The database will be updated annually.
In addition to property tax records, the Governor has made available performance budgeting data from 22 agencies, seven years of State spending and revenue data, 276,299 pension recipient records, data from nineteen independent authorities and purchasing data for 7,994 state vendors. Be sure to visit the website frequently to provide your feedback and view upcoming reports.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Norman Mailer’s Nautical-Themed Home in Brooklyn Heights Is Up for Sale

Norman Mailer’s Nautical-Themed Home in Brooklyn Heights Is Up for Sale

Norman Mailer’s Nautical-Themed Home in Brooklyn Heights Is Up for Sale
Photo: Corcoran
Just ten days after it went on the market, Norman Mailer's $2.5 million home on Columbia Heights near Pineapple Street is already getting offers. Mailer completed his Pulitzer Prize–winning novel Executioner’s Song there in 1979. The space's multilevel lofts, designed to resemble a ship’s galleys, were built to help Mailer conquer his vertigo. A decade's worth of objects that fill the walk-up are also up for grabs, including treasures like a sixties-era jukebox that played — perhaps personally relevant — tunes like “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley or “Ain’t Misbehavin’” by Fats Waller; African masks brought back from Zaire after Mailer covered Muhammad Ali’s “Rumble in the Jungle” with George Foreman; and a framed photo of Marilyn Monroe, his sometimes muse. Mailer's nine surviving children from six wives will keep what they want. The rest will go to the new owner for a fee, or become part of an estate sale. Matthew Mailer, a 39-year-old Fort Greene playwright, said parts of his father's library will be up for grabs:

“I’d take a lot of this stuff, but I just don’t have the space. It’s not practical, but I wish I could store it all in a time capsule.”
Want a piece of Norman Mailer? [Brooklyn Paper]

The Federal Reserve’s Role In Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve’s Role In Mortgage Rates (And How To Beat The News Cycle)

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The Fed Funds Rate and Mortgage Rates Are Not Correlated
The Federal Open Market Committee starts a two-day meeting today, the third of its 8 scheduled meetings this year. The meeting adjourns Wednesday afternoon and, when it does, mortgage rates might look very different from how they look right now.
If you're nervous -- or work with a tight budget -- the safe play is to lock your rate today.

There's No Correlation; No "Flat Line".

The Federal Open Market Committee is a special, 12-person committee within the Federal Reserve. It's led by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the group is responsible for voting on our nation's monetary policy.
This includes setting the Fed Funds Rate, the rate at which banks borrow money from each other overnight.
The general public tends to confuse the Fed Funds Rate for "mortgage rates" but -- as shown in the chart at top -- the two rates are very different. There is no direct correlation between the Fed Funds Rate as set by the Federal Reserve, and everyday 30-year fixed mortgage rates in places like Cincinnati, Fairfax, and Houston.
If there was a correlation, the chart would be a flat line.
Since 1990, the two benchmark rates have been separated by as much as 5.29 percent, and have been as close as 0.52 percent.

Stay Ahead Of The FOMC Press Release

Today, the difference between the Fed Funds Rate and a standard, 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate is roughly 4.625 percent. This spread will widen -- or shrink -- starting at 12:30 PM ET Wednesday.
That's when the FOMC adjourns and releases its public statement to the markets.
According to Wall Street, there's a 100% chance that the FOMC leaves the Fed Funds Rate in its current "target range" of 0.000-0.250 percent, the same range in which it's been since December 2008.
Depending on the verbiage in the press release, though, plus Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's comments in his 2:15 PM ET press briefing, mortgage rates are expected to move.
If the Fed statement and Bernanke's comments project higher growth in late-2011/early-2012, or if either hint at new market stimulus, mortgage rates will rise on concerns about hyper-growth and inflation.
Inflation is bad for mortgage rates, in general.
On the other hand, if the Fed and Bernanke indicate that the economy is slowing, or that there are plans for the Fed to withdraw its existing, $600 billion bond market stimulus earlier than planned, expect for mortgage rates to fall.
It's hard to be a home buyer when the Federal Open Market Committee meets. Rising mortgage rates affect purchasing power.

Are You The Unlucky Type? Plan Around It, Then.

If you're shopping for a mortgage today, or otherwise floating a rate, you might want to lock something down before the FOMC adjourns at 12:30 PM ET Wednesday. Once the statement hits the wire, mortgage rates could leap.
So, get ahead of the news. Get a live mortgage quote right now and see how the rate fits your budget. If the rate looks good to you, tell me and I can lock it for you. It's my pleasure to work for my readers and I'd be happy to help you, too.
Plus, you'll find my rates are excellent. Click here for a rate quote.


Restorative yoga with deep relaxation and
meditation, visualization and life coaching
to open participant’s minds & bodies to
unlimited possibilities
A guided journey to melt away stress and access
your zen within
Participants can expect:
* a personal, unique experience in a supportive group
* gentle yoga specifically designed to relax the body and
expand the mind
* to experience a deeper sense of peace that facilitates insight
and awareness
WHEN: May 12th 7:00- 9pm
WHERE: Summit YMCA 67 Maple Street
TO REGISTER: Contact Laura @ lobyoga@yahoo.com to
register, space is limited!
COST: $45 per registrant
Facilitators: Laura O'Brien Donath - RYT, certified Hatha, pre-,
post- natal, fertility and restorative yoga expert, founder of
LOB Yoga. Sydney Davis - MS Counseling, Certified Life Coach,
trained group facilitator and founder of Let’s RISE Life
Coaching, LLC

Spring Into Maplewood Village This Saturday, April 30th

Spring Into Maplewood Village
This Saturday, April 30th
1 to 5 PM 

Join us for an afternoon of spring shopping and dining in Maplewood Village and earn chances to win a valuable Spring Gift Card Giveaway worth over $600!

Start your afternoon with a Fashion Show at  
1 PM at Highland Place Restaurant, then visit participating merchants for chances to win a collection of gift cards to Maplewood Village shops and restaurants. The more stores and restaurants you visit, the more chances you'll have to win.

This is a perfect opportunity to find unique gifts for Mother's Day, teacher appreciation, birthdays and graduations. Just follow the balloons throughout the Village and shop, dine and enter to win our Spring Gift Card Giveaway!

The fashion show and drawing will be held at Highland Place Restaurant, 5 Highland Pl., Maplewood NJ at 1 PM and 5 PM, respectively.

Visit www.maplewoodvillagenj.com for details.

Thank you for shopping and dining locally

Monday, April 25, 2011

Veggie Tales at South Mountain YMCA April 30th

Veggiecation — Take a Break from Junk

South Mountain Y's Health Kids Day introduces a new FREE event that makes eating veggies FUN — really!!
Section Sponsored By patch
In recent years, many locals have enjoyed the South Mountain YMCA's annual Healthy Kids Day, which just so happens to be taking place this Saturday, April 30, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
But the Y is not an organization to rest or its laurels — or on any other leafy greens.
To help families learn healthy food habits, South Mountain Y is bringing in the Veggiecation Program for this Healthy Kids Day. Healthy Kids Day is the national Y’s initiative to improve the health and well-being of families, by encouraging parents to make daily play dates with their kids as a simple way to become a more healthy, active family.
During Healthy Kids Day at South Mountain YMCA, Lisa Suriano, owner and founder of Veggiecation, will introduce kids to the "delicious world" of vegetables and get the children involved in creating a recipe.
Kids will be invited to help prepare Teriyaki Snap Peas and Carrots by peeling carrots, cleaning snap peas, sampling the final dish, experiencing snap peas in their raw form and casting a vote on how they liked the recipe in the Veggiecation Ballot Boxes. Kids will take home complimentary Veggiecation character coloring pages, word games, mazes and stickers. Parents will receive a copy of the recipe.
According to Suriano, Veggiecation is a curriculum-based nutrition education program "whose success lies in engaging activities that empower children with their food choices while demonstrating that eating vegetables is fun and delicious."
Okay then!
Health Kids Day and Veggiecation are open to the public. Healthy Kids Day is free and will feature an afternoon full of kid-friendly activities, including Spider-Man show, bounce house, obstacle course, teddy bear clinic and, as described, cooking demonstrations by Suriano.
The South Mountain YMCA is located at 13 Jefferson Avenue in Maplewood, NJ.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Events to Celebrate Autism Awareness Week at WORDS in Maplewood

 APRIL // 2011  

Dear Friends,

We are pleased that many of you have attended one or more of our Autism Awareness Month Events at our bookstore this April.  We end our series this week with three exciting events, including a parent reception Thursday evening. 

We are thrilled that Maplewood's very own Jed Baker, author of  
No More Meltdowns has agreed to return to our store this month.  

Dr. Baker will offer positive strategies for managing out-of-control behavior and provide an informal opportunity for you to ask questions about your children.  Dr. Baker's seminars usually cost hundreds of dollars to attend, but Dr. Baker has graciously agreed to appear at no charge, to offer advice to our parents, teachers and service providers.   

Wednesday  //  April 27  //  4:00 pm   
Point to Happy
Point to happy is written and designed for children on the autism spectrum who benefit from visual support. Ingenious in its simplicity, the parent reads and the child points to photographs with the attached pointer. Thisbook was developed specifically for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that could help them convey their immediate wants and needs, experiences, and most importantly, their feelings.

Thursday  //  April 28  //  7:30 pm   
Kim Stagliano

Finally, we are pleased to end our month of events with Kim Stagliano,  author of All I Can Handle, a book about "how one woman raises three autistic daughters, loses one at Disneyworld, stays married, has sex, bakes gluten-free, goes broke, and keeps her sense of humor."   

We all need a break to laugh (and perhaps to cry a bit as well), so join us for a fun reading followed by a parents reception with Ms. Stagliano hosted by [words] Bookstore.

We hope that you, your friends, and your families will join us for these events and that you will spread the word about them.   

If you have any questions, check out wordsmaplewood.com, email us at words@wordsmaplewood.com or call us at 973-763-9500.  

Sincerely yours,
Jonah + Ellen Zimiles

[words] Bookstore
179 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040