Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One SIte Give Insight to States Property Taxes,

Christie Launches Website Detailing Property Tax Records and Other Vital Public Information

In an effort to increase government transparency, Governor Chris Christie recently launched a website that provides the public with data that makes it easier to understand New Jersey’s public finances. Included on this website, www.YourMoney.NJ.Gov, is an interactive map that displays the Garden States’ 3.1 million property tax assessment records. With the new property tax feature, REALTORS® and consumers can check individual records in their town or community, jump from record to record and compare assessments and taxes from one town to another. Records detail the address, block and lot number, property class, owner name, value of land and buildings, and the prior year’s taxes. The database will be updated annually.
In addition to property tax records, the Governor has made available performance budgeting data from 22 agencies, seven years of State spending and revenue data, 276,299 pension recipient records, data from nineteen independent authorities and purchasing data for 7,994 state vendors. Be sure to visit the website frequently to provide your feedback and view upcoming reports.

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