Wednesday, April 8, 2020

11 44Th St # 1st Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040

Property Site: http://tour.corelistingmachine.com/home/XCCC9A/11-44Th-St-%23-1st-Maplewood-Twp-NJ-3627126
Enjoy this Pristine move-in ready beautiful 1st-floor apartment on a 2 family home, Hardwood floors and central air located on a quiet block close to Jitney to NY trains washer and dryer in Basement
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $1,800

For more information about this property, please contact MARK SLADE at 917-797-5059 or sladehomes@gmail.com. You can also text 6132652 to 67299 (Message and Data Rates May Apply, see terms and privacy policy).

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MLS ID: 3627126

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

972 Burlington Ave Union Twp., NJ 07083

Property Site: http://tour.corelistingmachine.com/home/QRRFQU/972-Burlington-Ave-Union-Twp-NJ-3626969
Lovely move in ready! 2nd floor apartment in a 2 family owner occupied home.1 Bedroom plus office, eat-in kitchen and livingroom, updated bathroom, includes Refrigerator and dishwaher. close to transportation, stores and restaurants
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $1,500

For more information about this property, please contact MARK SLADE at 917-797-5059 or sladehomes@gmail.com. You can also text 6130934 to 67299 (Message and Data Rates May Apply, see terms and privacy policy).

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MLS ID: 3626969

Friday, April 3, 2020

Ideas For How Best to Make The Most of Our Quarantining Time and Be INSPIRED

I was inspired by my son's college consultant--Jennifer Shulman--who shared a similar post from colleagues ( https://www.themaulerinstitute.com/40-resume-worthy-activities-you-can-do-from-your-living-room-sofa/ from The Mauler Institute)to edit it for more than just high school to college age parties. Hope you may be INSPIRED by something here:


1. Learn Something: Take one of thousands of online courses across a variety of topics taught on You Tube, by your own company if they have online training and by the world’s top universities through platforms like Coursera, edX, and MOOC.

2. Get Political: I’m sure you are tired and/or frustrated by seeing negative campaigning and voiced disenchantment of political leadership. So, wouldn’t this be a good time to contact your local Democratic, Republican or other political affiliation’s campaign offices for “at home” contributions, such as stuffing mailers, calling voters or creating a “virtual” campaign.

3. Have you ever Dreamed about becoming an Entrepreneur: Launch an Etsy, Ebay or Amazon Shop to sell your creative pieces, unused items or, virtually, anything. If you have an idea and decide to share it anyone before registering it, please use an NDA-Non Disclosure Agreement (this is one site that offers an initial free service: Rocket Lawyer -and have signed so you are protected. I once got burned sharing an idea to a Real Estate colleague, so lesson learned the hard way.

4. Share Your Knowledge: A business school class president parlayed the online math tutorials he made for his cousin into the global educational revolution, Khan Academy. Develop your own online tutoring business to teach any subjects: academics, computer literacy, personal finance, or any other skill that you have. You can put these on You Tube, Vimeo or related sites.

5. Or, Better Yet, Start a Blog: Express your insights and musings while showcasing your writing prowess. Start a BLOG or VLOG, its an easy way to get your “words” out. Maybe you will start a revolution too or become the next social media darling with a huge fan base!

6. Take Pics: Create a photojournalism project to highlight your creativity and unique perspectives. Instagram is a perfect place to start placing your pics.

7. Get Creative: Ever dreamed about writing a book? Now, could be a great time to write a screenplay, novel or cookbook and see if you can get your work produced.

8. Go Global: Learn a new language through one of the many online learning platforms like Babbel, Rosetta Stone or DuoLingo or find native speakers who will teach you their language, culture and colloquialisms through sites like Verbling.

9. Become a Concierge: Build an online service that serves as a one-stop shop for people to run errands, secure home services, and plan activities. This is especially relevant given our current quarantining practices.

10. Collaborate Globally: Find a global community dedicated to accomplishing a shared goal. One of such example has a person who just graduated from Cornell University with a degree in aerospace engineering writing his college essay about working with an international team to painstakingly reconstruct the Titanic – down to the specific faucets in the cabins and the stemware in the dining room.

11. Become a Critic: Do you love to try food from around the world? Maybe you want to work your way through the prepared food freezer compartments at Trader Joe’s? Are you an expert gamer? Do you find yourself getting lost in movies or TV shows? Start sharing your opinions. My father turned his love of books into a thriving online book selling business. Could you be next?

12. Doodle for Google: Tap into your imagination and submit a design to Google for a chance to have your design featured as the Google search engine logo.

13. Do Research: While most research programs require in person attendance, Pioneer Academics offers high school students the opportunity to do research virtually while earning college credit. But with all this “extra time on your hands,” you can fully immerse your self in doing as much research as possible.

14. Get Voting: It’s an election year so it’s a great time to lead an online voter registration drive.

15. Produce a Newsletter: Start a regular newsletter for your neighborhood, church or sports team. Don’t want to print hard copies, simply join or create your local neighborhood site on Facebook or Next Door and start posting.

16. Go On Stage: Create a virtual open mic night so performing artists can showcase their talents. Or, get a green screen and create your own one person show to share.

17. Make a Joke: Learn how to craft a stand-up routine, create comedic story lines and film direction from Judd Apatow, the comic genius behind classics lie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Bridesmaids, GIRLS, and Freaks and Geeks.

18. Get Talking: Practice video interview skills to prepare for interviews which may very likely go online next year.

19. Make (Virtual) Money: Test your market knowledge through Wharton’s KWHS virtual portfolio management competition.

20. Get Physical: Train to run a 10k or compete in a triathlon. Way back when, I actually trained and then ran the New York City Marathon. Just keep your 6’ distance.

21. Solve a Mystery: Collaborate with friends to solve a mystery online. Sites like 5 Minute Mystery or Huntakiller are examples.

22. Start Designing: if you are a graphic designer, check out this site to see if there are contests you might want to participate in: Design Contest.

23. Re-Start or Start a Hobby: Painting--as an example of being taught online: https://willkempartschool.com/how-to-paint-green-trees-with-acrylics-video-tutorial/ , Sketching, Designing Clothes, etc. I used to have a workshop for art glass repairs and creation, talk about getting the lead out!

24. Raise Money: Launch an online fundraising challenge or GO FUND ME, to benefit an organization that is meaningful to you.

25. Get Connected: Start a “pen pal” campaign with someone across the ocean that shares common interests.

26. Build a Brand: Help a small business or non-profit organization develop marketing materials or a social media presence. I started building my brand the first day I got into Real Estate and it has not only evolved, but has become very recognizable brand for real estate in my local area.

27. Improve Literacy: Hold online group reading sessions to help children, adults, and ESL students improve their reading skills. Now is one of the best times to embrace a passion for helping others.

28. Start or Join a Book Club: By this, I mean a virtual book club on Zoom.

29. Get Smart: Always wanted to learn or know something and yet you never had the time? Become a subject matter expert in an area that interests you. Then, contribute your knowledge to online forums such as “Ask the Expert” or “LinkedIn Answers.”

30. Save a Life: Volunteer to be a counselor for a crisis hotline.

31. Perform Online: Share your music, dance or theater performances for audiences through an online platform like Tik Tok, Facebook Live or You Tube.

32. Test Your Skills: Enter online contests for ideas, writing, etc.

33. Become a TV Star: Develop a You Tube channel to share a talent, deliver a tutorial or share a topic of interest.

34. Conduct Analysis: While many businesses may no longer be in a position to take on a summer intern, most organizations would benefit from outsourcing research and analysis. Identify businesses or non-profits that would benefit from your data mining and critical thinking skills.

35. Shape the Conversation: Write for the local newspaper--Village Green Announcements Link, micro new site, or submit op ed pieces about current events in your community.

36. Explore Careers: Interview professionals across various industries and job functions. With their permission, record the conversations and share them with other young adults or those considering making a career change through social media platforms, job exploration sites or your own website.

37. Start a Neighborhood Business: Well, this isn’t entirely from your couch but activities like dog walking, lawn mowing, pool cleaning, and fence painting can be safely done outside while practicing responsible social distancing.

38. Teach ESL: Help people around the world learn English through a company like VipKid.

39. Create a Cultural Share: Do you know what an Annaprasana Pooja is? I didn't until I checked out the link. Have you ever tried souse? Build a platform to share your regional culture and traditions with people in other parts of the country or across the globe and invite them to do the same.

40. Research Your Family History: Use one of the many platforms to delve into your family background and supplement your online research with interviews with family members and friends to learn about your family history. Create a film or book to consolidate your results. In addition to recording your history and tightening your bonds with relatives, this may give rise to a compelling college essay if you are searching for an idea!

41. Dig in the Dirt: Build a garden in your backyard. Or hire a company to build you your own garden, like Yard2Kitchen. My son, who is living in NYC, just started a vegetable garden by accessing a flat area that adjoins his apartment.

42. Help Stem the Spread of COVID-19: Develop additional supply of protective masks by using a 3D printer or sewing machine, create an app that tracks the spread and/or identify patients who have recovered, launch a blood drive.

43. Feel free to let me know if you have any other ideas that should be shared by contacting me on Facebook or via email at SladeHomes@gmail.com

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