Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Why it is so important to hire an experienced real estate agent

As a Real Estate agent with 15 years of experience covering 750 transactions closed and close to $ One-Half Billion in lifetime team sales, I want to explain why now, more than ever, its important to hire an agent that truly is immersed in their business and studies the market. 

 Today I received an email from a well-known real estate portal citing stats for the Township of West Orange. There are seemingly so many things wrong with their stats.

  Here are my stats that were published (weekly) just yesterday for the same town-West Orange, NJ 07052:

Your question should be "why am I seeing double?"  Well, that's because a true market analyst knows there is a traditional default set of statistics--in this case all properties that have sold since January 1st, 2024--whereas if you are a new Seller or new Buyer, you need to know there are vast differences if you are evaluating market activity for properties listed as of January 1st, 2024 and closed also in 2024.
As you can see from the above comparison with the stats that The Mark Slade Homes Team publishes weekly (if you are interested in receiving our weekly stats, just send me an email to SladeHomes@gmail.com, they are free), the prices being paid in West Orange for newly listed properties is 10.2% for the year-to-date whereas the stats that include carryover inventory from properties listed in 2023 are selling for about half that rate. 
What are the current key takeaways from how we would instruct a Seller or Buyer to prepare for?  Houses are selling faster than anything we could ever imagine.  If you are a Buyer you will need to go see these newly listed properties within 3-4 days max and that might even be too late. If you are a Buyer and want to make a competitive offer, what should you do?  First of all, we reach out to listing agents to find out if there are already offers submitted on specified properties and if possible find out how many.  We can also research the number of appoints that a listing has as long as we are provided with the address on a Thursday of the week so we can see what the activity looks like for Thursday through Sunday as a key factor in providing the best possible advice.  

Going back to the root of this article, what I want to know, where is the national portal getting their stats, as they are citing total sales of 42 homes recently sold (notice there is no time stamp) and they are also predicting that the year will end with a 1/2% decline in prices.  How can that be?  

Last year, our stats for the entirety of 2023 looked like this:

So, we are currently looking at 6% appreciation vs last year.  This may decline to some extent as the year progresses, but its doubtful it will come anywhere near to the negative projections from the national portal. 

If you want honest and up to date market stats, then give us a call or text Mark at 917-797-5059.

PS:  all of the above stats provided and published by The Mark Slade Homes Team are created by Mark and reflect only Single Family Home Sales, we don't currently measure multi-family market stats.


Revolutionizing Real Estate: How The Smart Results Listing System is Disrupting The Industry

The Mark Slade Homes Team, led by Mark Slade and his partner MaryCeu Nunes, has established itself as a leading real estate team in New Jersey, not just as result of its sheer volume and reach but also through its innovative approach to selling homes. With over 750 closed transactions and nearing $ One-Half Billion in lifetime team sales, their footprint spans 51 townships and municipalities in New Jersey, proving their prowess far beyond their home base--The Bedroom communities of New York City--also their primary website: www.BedroomCommunitiesofNYC.com.


The success of the Mark Slade Homes Team is not by accident. It's the result of a carefully crafted strategy, centered around their new listing system dubbed "Smart Results." This system, which emphasizes the "RE," meaning Real State by italicizing "RE" and connecting it with a hyphen to the rest of the word to form RE-SULTS, is a testament to the team's commitment to delivering exceptional results. This innovative approach is so unique that it's currently pending copyright and trademarking with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office.

Beyond Simple Pictures and Listings

The Mark Slade Homes Team believes that listing a home involves much more than just "throwing some pictures on the internet." Their critique of this minimal effort is that it can work to the detriment of a seller, as illustrated by their experience showing a $1.6 million home with poor listing photos that deterred potential buyers. Their approach is meticulous and thoughtful, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the home, followed by a comprehensive review of the property and then generating a list of recommended improvements, after which professional photography and videography are performed. These recommendations are carefully curated to ensure that every dollar invested in the home yields a return of two to three times the investment.

An Innovative Concierge Service

One of the most notable aspects of their service is the concierge system, which addresses potential cash flow issues for sellers needing to make home improvements. "We understand that your home is likely your largest asset. That's why we can offer to advance the funds needed for improvements, ensuring no stone is left unturned in maximizing your home's value," Slade says. This forward-thinking approach is designed to make the selling process as seamless and profitable as possible for their clients; we would really not want to see a homeowner leaving "money on the table," due to cash constrictions, which is why we can step-in to the rescue.  


Mark Slade also elaborates on their strategic timing for listing homes, aiming for maximum exposure and impact. "We list on Monday nights, allowing for three days of saturation and syndication before hosting broker open houses on Thursdays," he details. This deliberate timing, coupled with a catered lunch, attracts brokers and buyers alike, setting the stage for a competitive and lucrative selling environment. The weekend public open houses further amplify interest, often leading to multiple offers well above the asking price by Tuesday.

SMART Results Speak Volumes

The results of this innovative approach are undeniable. In towns like West Orange, the team has achieved sales nearly 19% over the asking price in 2023, compared to the township's average of 8% over asking. This staggering difference highlights the effectiveness of the Smart Results system and the Mark Slade Homes Team's ability to secure the best possible outcome for their clients.


As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, the Mark Slade Homes Team remains at the forefront, leveraging their expertise, innovative strategies, and a client-focused approach to redefine what it means to sell a home. Their story is not just one of success but a blueprint for the future of real estate.

The Mark Slade Home Team Bio:

Mark Slade Keller Williams 917.797.5059 Good Homes Selling a Maplewood/South Orange/West Orange area home involves many steps and having an experienced Maplewood New Jersey Real Estate Agent and Realtor®, specializing in the Bedroom Communities of New York City in Essex/Union County— Millburn, Short Hills, Montclair, West Orange, South Orange, Livingston, Maplewood, Springfield, Summit, Madison, Chatham, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Cranford and Westfield--by your side will make the transaction run a lot smoother. I would love to be your Maplewood/South Orange New Jersey Area Real Estate Professional! I assist both buyers and sellers in the Bedroom Communities of New York City, mostly served by NJ Transit’s Mid-Town Direct Train Lines, offering commutes of 45minute or less to NY Penn Station, with either the purchase and or sale of residential real estate.  

As an Accredited Buyer’s Agent (ABR), I have received special training to guide and educate you through the entire home buying process. From start to finish, I listen to your needs and desires in what you would like and take the information you give me to find you home. My GO-TO team can provide you the best in Real Estate advice with regard to attorney choices, Home Inspectors and Mortgage Loan Officers  

I am also a Luxury specialist (CLHMS), I have received special training to guide and educate you through the entire home buying and selling process. Not only does this extra training help me better understand this upper echelon in real estate, its benefit include a special luxury website: www.njluxhomes.com and a corresponding worldwide luxury network that helps to put luxury buyers and sellers together. 

As your Maplewood/South Orange/ West Orange New Jersey listing agent I am well versed on as your local expert in all things in the West Orange, Maplewood and South Orange area Real Estate Market. You can expect personalized service that includes a detailed consultation on how to best position your Mid-Town Direct home to be competitive in today’s market with training to provide my clients with an in-depth Advanced Comparative Market analysis, and advice on staging. As my office’s technology officer as well as both a Zillow Platinum Premier and Trulia Premier agent, I use the latest and most up-to-date marketing methods to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible. Being your New Jersey Real Estate Agent and Realtor ® not only involves just finding the home or selling the home, but being your guide, negotiator, advisor and advocate and making sure that your needs and goals are met. Being your New Jersey Essex/Union County area Realtor® (with a little bit of Morris County thrown in for good measure) is one of my truest passions, and “Helping You Find Your Dream Home” is my number one priority. Don’t forget These Helpful Sites: 







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