Sunday, April 24, 2011

Events to Celebrate Autism Awareness Week at WORDS in Maplewood

 APRIL // 2011  

Dear Friends,

We are pleased that many of you have attended one or more of our Autism Awareness Month Events at our bookstore this April.  We end our series this week with three exciting events, including a parent reception Thursday evening. 

We are thrilled that Maplewood's very own Jed Baker, author of  
No More Meltdowns has agreed to return to our store this month.  

Dr. Baker will offer positive strategies for managing out-of-control behavior and provide an informal opportunity for you to ask questions about your children.  Dr. Baker's seminars usually cost hundreds of dollars to attend, but Dr. Baker has graciously agreed to appear at no charge, to offer advice to our parents, teachers and service providers.   

Wednesday  //  April 27  //  4:00 pm   
Point to Happy
Point to happy is written and designed for children on the autism spectrum who benefit from visual support. Ingenious in its simplicity, the parent reads and the child points to photographs with the attached pointer. Thisbook was developed specifically for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that could help them convey their immediate wants and needs, experiences, and most importantly, their feelings.

Thursday  //  April 28  //  7:30 pm   
Kim Stagliano

Finally, we are pleased to end our month of events with Kim Stagliano,  author of All I Can Handle, a book about "how one woman raises three autistic daughters, loses one at Disneyworld, stays married, has sex, bakes gluten-free, goes broke, and keeps her sense of humor."   

We all need a break to laugh (and perhaps to cry a bit as well), so join us for a fun reading followed by a parents reception with Ms. Stagliano hosted by [words] Bookstore.

We hope that you, your friends, and your families will join us for these events and that you will spread the word about them.   

If you have any questions, check out wordsmaplewood.com, email us at words@wordsmaplewood.com or call us at 973-763-9500.  

Sincerely yours,
Jonah + Ellen Zimiles

[words] Bookstore
179 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040 

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