Thursday, March 8, 2012


Community AffairsDepartment of Community AffairsDepartment of Community Affairs
TO: Fire Officials and Fire Chiefs
FROM: WKJR William Kramer, Jr. Acting Director/State Fire Marshal
DATE: February 14, 2012
SUBJECT: Impersonators (Updated)
The Division of Fire Safety has received reports of an individual impersonating a fire extinguisher servicing company in Camden County and Atlantic County.
This person entered a business carrying a clipboard, looked at the tag on a fire extinguisher, told the owner that he was from the company on the tag and convinced him that the extinguishers needed to be serviced. He then proceeded to walk through the business removing the tags from all of the fire extinguishers. He successfully convinced the owner to pay him in cash. He is described as a white or Hispanic male, heavy set, short dark hair wearing a blue windbreaker and kakis. He was also carrying a small clip board or note pad.

We are requesting that you notify all businesses in your community to report anyone fitting this description or attempting to do something similar immediately to the police. In addition, if they can safely obtain any other information including a vehicle description or license plate number that would be most helpful.
If you recognize this individual or receive reports of him operating in your community, notify local law enforcement and the Division of Fire Safety immediately. Notification to the Division should be made to our 877-NJFIRES number which is staffed 24/7.
Office of the Director
Division of Fire Safety

Mark Slade
Keller Williams

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