Thursday, January 27, 2011

One of the many reasons I Love Maplewood So Much!

Last night, while Maplewood's 6,000 plus students were wishing for a snow day and the younger one's were putting on their PJ's inside/out and backwards to convince the snow day gods to pull the trigger, a group of dads ventured out to the Paddle Tennis Courts at the corner of Oakland and Valley, across from Memorial Park, to partake in some fun in the sun, i mean snow, platform tennis.  This sport combines the court like style and appearance of traditional Tennis, albeit in a reduced size, with the "off the wall" play from sports like Racquetball.  This sport is played all year round and uses blowers underneath to eliminate ice and snow, a little extra shoveling is required from time to time; and, last night was one of those times.  Maplewood has two teams that participate in the New Jersey State League where official play is usually held on Saturday AM.  Wednesday and Thursday the teams each come out and play round robin style for fun and practice.  While I wish i would have been able to join the boys last night, I had a prior work obligation.
So, next time you are thinking of what you can do on a snowy evening, why not head over to the paddle courts.

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