Thursday, January 27, 2011

Columbia High School Maplewood/South Orange NJ

When you are thinking about where to buy your homes, the school system is definitely an item you need to consider.  Ironically, Maplewood and South Orange share Columbia High School, which is all of 3 miles away from Millburn's High School, rated #1 in the State, by NJ Monthly Magazine for the third straight year.  


However, a High School isn't solely about test scores, its about the opportunities it affords it students.  


I love the following, written by a Maplewood resident about Columbia High School:  "If you consider a HS that has one of the largest offerings of AP classes in the state, along with most students getting 4's and 5's in the AP tests, amazing arts, including two jazz ensembles, orchestras, wind ensemble, two choruses, musical, drama, film, tv production, a Grammy Award (yes, that Grammy organization), nationally award winning newspaper, and on and on, well, you...are looking at Columbia High School in Maplewood, and my husband and I (with 4 ivy degrees between us, so we think we can assess the quality of the education there) have been delighted with it. Our kids and their friends are in TTLA/ivy colleges/universities."


Enough Said!

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