Tuesday, August 8, 2017


There is still time to register for the 2nd annual UnRun!

We have 82 runners signed up this year from Marshall, Jefferson, Clinton, Tuscan and Seth Boyden and are on track to raise over $2,000 in total for the five PTA's.

A reminder about the particulars: The UnRun is on Saturday April 1st. Please arrive before 9am, as we will start the run at 9:15am. The course was designed to begin and end at the Marshall Elementary playground in order to encourage non-running spouse and children to come and play at the playground and thereby be on hand to cheer the running family members through the finish line.

The South Orange police will be blocking off several roads prior to the UnRun. The best streets to use to enter Montrose that morning are streets that are not part of the course (Fielding, University, Warren).

You're welcome to get your UnRun t-shirt before the run or afterwards; we'll have volunteers at race-end if that's easier for you. This is a bare-bones operation, though, lacking in Port-o-Lets or any other of life's fineries. Please port-o-yourself before coming to the UnRun.

Thanks again to Mark Slade for sponsoring the event. If you attended the High School musical this or the previous weekend you would have seen Mark's full back-page sponsorship of the programs for How to Get Ahead in Business without Trying. He is an extremely generous person with his time and his charitable giving.


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