Friday, January 22, 2016

Maplewood’s Neighborhood Music School Opens

I am really excited to tell you all about the evolution of John Brophy Music into a new music school based in downtown Maplewood!

We are officially launching this weekend and are going to be called In Tune and are positioning ourselves as “Maplewood’s Neighborhood Music School”. We will be offering small (no more than five students per class!) guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, drums, keyboards and singing classes throughout the week and weekends and have some of the best teaching talent around. You can find out more about us on the website,


Creating good times by teaching you to make music
Music is one of life's most deep-rooted and powerful sources of inspiration, emotion and enjoyment. Music enables creative expression and it helps connect all of us to something bigger than ourselves. But most importantly it taps into a certain part of you than needs to be awakened once in a while.

We believe that no matter if you're young, old or somewhere in between, you have the ability to plug in to music by actually doing it rather than simply listening to it. And the greater part of the magic of music is in actually playing an instrument.

We are helping students create their own experiences by teaching them how to make music. Along the way students find themselves not only tapping into their creative sides but also connecting with other students in our group lesson setting.

Classes start the week of January 25th so I wanted to see if you were interested in signing up for one of our 8 week classes.

We have various options including a new ukulele class which is great for both kids and adults, and the new Commuter Jam Session, for those that want to rock out before heading home from the train.

Here's a list of the classes we are currently offering:

Play Guitar! – Beginning Kick-start your guitar playing and learn your favorite songs! Learn basic chords and riffs. Develop your strumming and picking. Learn songs and understand chord charts, tab and music notation. Bring your own acoustic guitar. Kids/teens: Wednesdays and Fridays, 4 pm; Adults, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7pm - eight weeks, $340

Play Guitar! – Continuing Learn scales and advanced chords so you can play melodies and progressions in different areas of the fret board. Bring your own acoustic guitar. Prerequisite: Play Guitar! – Beginning or audition. Kids/teens: Wednesdays and Fridays 5 pm; Adults: Thursdays 8pm - eight weeks, $340

Multi-Instrment Dabble a bit on guitar, bass, keyboards, and sing! Get better at playing music with others! Wednesdays 8pm - eight weeks, $340

Play Keyboards! – Learn the fundamentals of the piano, chords and keys, accompaniment and improvisation. Play chords and melodies in several positions and learn to read musical notation. Tuesdays 5pm - eight weeks, $340

Play Ukulele! – Experience the joy that only playing the ukulele can bring! Learn basic chords, develop your strumming, learn songs and understand chord charts, tab and music notation. Ukuleles are available to try out! Thursdays 4, 5pm - eight weeks, $340

Write Songs! – Explore the songs you love, and get your own songs written! For all musical levels, learn the nuts and bolts of song structure, and take home an assignment to write a song for supportive critique at the next class.

Play Drums! – Apply rhythmic fundamentals to the drum set, integrating them with songs that reflect the techniques being learned. Learn how to read rhythms and how to play music with others. Thursdays 4-6; Fridays 4-5 pm

Play Bass Guitar! – Learn bass lines, chord arpeggios and develop technique. Learn songs and understand tab and music notation. Bring your own electric bass guitar.

Sing! – Learn about breathing, warm-up exercises, performance techniques, and improvisation. Understand pitch and rhythm, head voice and chest voice, and develop vocal control.

Commuter Jam Session – For those who want to get together and have some fun after the train gets in, bring your guitar and drop in on our jam session! We will provide the songs, you bring the music!

Start A Band! – The style is up to you! Bring your instrument and the desire to play. This class helps with the organizational side of forming and developing a band so you can focus on being creative and cooperative in the pursuit of making music!

If this all sounds interesting, send a note to:


Also, as we are still setting up we are asking for all the help we can get with marketing, so if you think your friends might be interested in finding out about this, please pass this on.

John Brophy –

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