Saturday, September 28, 2013

Viva Z Club: ZUMBA in Maplewood on Springfield Ave

With the newest addition to Maplewood's Springfield Ave, its hard not to see the blocks between Prospect/Yale/Oberlin as a Health and Wellness Destination. We have Eastside Fitness, The Gym, HLS and now our newest: Viva Z Club.

Owner, Lidia Miller stated: It has been dream of mine to open a studio dedicated to Zumba® fitness, because of its enormous impact on my life 4 years ago. Zumba® Fitness has made me healthier, helped me lose 50 pounds and gave me more energy and balance in my life!

Oh no!! I hear you cry, not another fitness infomercial, where someone lost lots of weight and joined a “movement”. This is different – I promise. I believe that Viva Z Club is the embodiment of Zumba® Fitness going mainstream.

...Viva Z Club is different because it offers a social environment with its CLub Room. We want to encourage friendships, offer mutual encouragement and support to be fit and healthy, acceptance and all around togehterness that Zumba is all about: You're not alone on your path to being a healtheir, fitter and happier you! Viva Z Club is not membership based or requires a joining fee.

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