Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living in South Orange: Local Goodwill Seeking Donations

Thrift Store Seeks Donations

The local Goodwill, a favorite with South Orange shoppers, needs donations

By Marcia Worth

Goodwill asks all its customers and donors to assist with donations for the stores. The closest store to South Orange is located on Route 22. However, there are donation centers around the area, all listed here.

"We're somewhat tight right now between the winter weather and donations we usually receive that were diverted to hurricane relief. At the same time, Goodwill has run a program that allows Sandy victims who lost clothing or household goods due to flooding or storm damage to "shop" in our stores for free for up to $50 per family member -- which also places demand on our supplies," explains Goodwill spokesperson in a release. "Please help us with your donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, linens, wares and household goods, computers, small electronics and appliances, and books."

For a list of items to donate, click here.

Here is the closest Goodwill store:
126 U.S. 22, Springfield Township, NJ
(973) 912-0156

Mark Slade
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Mark Slade

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