Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maplewood: Proud of Ourselves, Proud of Each Other

Maplewood: Proud of Ourselves, Proud of Each Other

Proud moments in the life of Maplewood Residents
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We have talented, fun people all over Maplewood. We're good at what we do, and we have a good time doing it. Check out photos as athletes and artists strut their stuff and are proud of it!
At the Arts Unbound moving reception, Lorie Safin showed me her daughter Colleen's artwork. Her work in particular has a moving background; Colleen suffered from Bipolar disorder and heavy drug use throughout her life. Finally, the last treatment took hold, and Colleen began to turn her life around. She realized the potential her talent had to help others. Now, her work is on display and for sale at Arts Unbound.
At a fencing meet last week against Montclair Kimberly Academy, Columbia took on the competition with everything they had. Not a moment of a bout went by without each and every fencer cheering on their teammates. Team morale is clearly at a high, and the fencers know supporting their teammates is just as important as knowing how to fence!
Maplewood Theatre hosted 'Oscar Night' which featured producer and writer, Gila Zalon; and photographer and screenwriter Jeff Larkin. These movie industry expert spoke to an audience about what makes a movie before the showing of 'Biutiful' starring Javier Bardem. Gila Zalon described her ambitious plans to make a star-studded film. Her speech was lively and her ideas were grand; you can see how much she believes in what she does.

Finally, St. James Gate on Maplewood Avenue hosted an event that featured virtual bike racing. Two racers on stationary bikes attempted to be the first to reach 500 meters; not before chugging a pint of beer, though. It was a fun competition that combined the fun of being at a bar and the thrill of bike racing, and St. James Gate was packed with friends, fellow racers, and family members cheering on the competitors. Columbia High School physics teacher Mike Novemsky won the first race, and pumped his fists proudly into the air.

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